Watercolors . . .

. . . by  Patricia Flynn




Original Watercolor Paintings


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Croton Concerto.JPG (50672 bytes) h-Desert Willow.jpg (69941 bytes) Hills of Tuscany.jpg (67748 bytes)
Croton Concerto Desert Willow Hills of Tuscany

Prickly Heat.JPG (58141 bytes)

Parrots in the Park.JPG (74196 bytes)
Prickly Heat Parrots in the Park Dahlia Darlings
Poppy Hussy Uncommon Cabbage Succulence
More Than Slightly Jaded.JPG (56697 bytes) Croton Chorale.JPG (83668 bytes)
More Than Slightly Jaded Aloe-icious Croton Chorale
Chihooligan.JPG (84308 bytes) Chihooliballs.JPG (40147 bytes) Chihooligan 2.JPG (81904 bytes)
Chihooligan Chihooliballs Chihooligan 2
Iris Illusion.JPG (84648 bytes) Croton Carnivale 1.JPG (133644 bytes) Aloe Grove.JPG (88742 bytes) v-Iris Germanica.jpg (102315 bytes)
Iris Illusion Croton Carnivale Aloe Grove Iris Germanica
Checkerboard Tulips.JPG (142528 bytes) Beaucoup Blossoms.JPG (94843 bytes) Hollyhocks V.JPG (126748 bytes) Velvet Iris.JPG (97253 bytes)
Checkerboard Tulips Beaucoup Blossoms Hollyhocks V Velvet Iris

Above you can see examples of my original watercolor paintings (click on the small thumbnails to see larger images). Since 1999, I have sold over 300 paintings, and currently have over 50 paintings at my three galleries, in exhibits, and in my home gallery. I primarily do floral watercolors, but also do other subject matter, including landscapes, people, and still life. "Hills of Umbria" (above) is an example of my Imargination style of painting.  I have been working on a series of Succulents and Crotons in the past year.

I continue to donate artwork to non-profitsó to Hospice of Holland,  the Holland Arts Council, the Muskegon Museum of Art, and many others.  I have also been involved in community art projects in Holland, including the "Take A Seat" project involving artist decorated Adirondack chairs, and the "ReMastered Banner" project, large canvas banners to be hung downtown.



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